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Self-Care through the Seasons Workshop Replay

Self-Care through the Seasons Workshop Replay

Self-care through the seasons aims to explore self-care and holistic wellbeing. This mini workshop offers research based mental wellbeing strategies, creative and practical activity ideas and inspiration on how to add meaningful self-care to your seasonal routines. 

Workshop overview:

To explore the concept of self-care as a practice that helps us maintain our holistic wellbeing through mindful actions that attend to our physical, social and emotional needs. We will look at self-care as a practice and explore seasonal themed ideas of maintaining a self-care practice over a period of time, with a special focus on winter wellbeing and looking after our minds during the stresses of the ‘holiday season’ by tapping into the concepts of Hygge, creative expression & mindfulness.

what we'll cover:

✸ define what self-care is to you

✸ discovering the self-care 'pillars' in your practice

✸ how to approach self-care during the winter months

✸ creative seasonal self-care ideas & inspiration

what's included:

this is a digital product; after purchase you will receive access to the workshop replay & resources including:

✸ 1 hour 25 min video workshop

✸ Winter Wellbeing workbook

✸ season self-care activity book

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