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Big Feeling Activity Cards

Big Feeling Activity Cards


Activity Cards - Includes all 8 BIG feeling characters as print ready PDF files. For best results use back-to-back printing. Each character has a corresponding 'conversation' card with a child-friendly description, questions for reflection and to support the development of empathy and creative activity suggests to support play-based, sensory exploration of the emotion. 

BONUS - 'All Feelings are Valid' printable poster


In a post-lockdown world, I felt a bit lost as a teacher - how was I to support my class through the emotional rollercoaster of returning to in person learning after six months of distancing and isolation?

I created the BIG feeling characters as a way to support conversations around emotions and to help children understand that all our feelings are valid, all have a place in our lives and are part of being human.
I also wanted to support children in understanding that ALL our feelings can get too big at times, they can fill up our bodies so much that it's hard to focus on anything else, whether that's because we're super excited to see our friends or red hot with anger about something that happened on the playground. 

We all need help finding our way back to calm. We all need space from time to time. 
That is the aim of the BIG feelings - to value all emotions and the space they are worthy of equally and to help small humans learn how to communicate these feelings and recognise them in others. 

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