the feel-GOOD journaling masterclass

you're invited to the first ever feel-GOOD masterclass

when: Wednesday November 30th

what time?: 6PM GMT (UK) // 7PM CEST // 1PM EST // 10AM PST

where: online at the Framable virtual event space!

about the masterclass

in this first ever, feel-GOOD masterclass I'm sharing all my tips on how I use journaling to reframe my self-talk & BOOST my confidence.
The way you speak to yourself matters, but we all know that navigating that inner critic can be challenging at times. Let me help you learn how to change the way you speak to yourself & become more mindful about your inner dialogue with the support of regular journaling.
I'll be sharing my 5 step process to reframing non-supportive self-talk through self-reflection and journaling exercises AND I'll teach you how to flip those not-so-good feeling words and phrases you repeat to yourself into POWER words and motivational affirmations that you actually believe in and that will keep you feeling empowered and uplifted as you face even the most challenging days. 
it's time to turn that voice in your mind into your own motivational coach instead of your worst critic!

about Frameable's virtual event space...

if you thought this event couldn't get better, let me introduce you to our virtual event space. That's right, you read that correctly VIRTUAL event space. This feel-GOOD masterclass is sponsored and hosted by Frameable events, a virtual event space that helps create real connections at online events. Frameable is designed to feel like a real life conference space with a virtual stage, lounge and rooms for meet & greet style connections. 

the feel-GOOD masterclass will feel like attending a live, in person event but from the comfort of your own home! - I'll be up on stage, sharing all my best journaling & confidence building tips and you'll be watching in the audience! As part of the masterclass there will be an option to interact with other attendees at virtual tables, and to chat with me directly in a meet & greet style Q&A.

I'm so excited to share this virtual experience with you all and come together with this amazing community in this interactive & intimate way for the first time ever!


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feel-GOOD journaling masterclass
sponsored by Framable events
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