How to work with me on your next creative project!

Do you have a creative project you've been dreaming of bringing to life?

Have you been dreaming up a creative, colourful, feel-GOOD project that you think I would be the PERFECT fit for, but you're not quite sure how to make it happen or where to get started? Well, wonder no more! Below you will find all the answers to your questions & a step-by-step guide on how to hire me for your next creative project...

About my work
& what I'm BEST at...

I wear many creative hats and have worked on all kinds of personal projects as well as with a wide range of creative clients. If you're not sure if what you're looking for is in my area of creative expertise then have a browse of my "creative menu" below for some of the current ways you can work with me!

Illustration & product design

My personal style is bright, colourful and playful and I love the idea of creating art that will make someone else feel GOOD when they might otherwise be having a tough day. 

I've worked on all kinds of fun illustration projects for my amazing clients including:

  • presentation deck illustration & design
  • social media graphics, templates & animations
  • GIFs
  • product design
  • book illustration
  • packaging design
  • affirmation cards

Previous clients include: Penguin Random House Publishing, The Teaching Tools, Miss T Teachables, Champs for Change, Glowcatcher Skincare, The Financial Diet, Mind UK & more.

Digital content creation

My digital content creation journey started back in 2010, when I created my first personal blog. Since then I have successfully built a brand around my own content creation journey, having launched and scaled two different blogs and with experience in everything from product photography and video creation to podcasting and online course creation.

Today my personal brand all operates under 'Laura Jane Illustrations' and I create a range of content including long and short form video, informational blog posts, downloadable resources and also run a weekly podcast. 

I have worked with clients on digital content creation including:

  • social media illustrations & graphics
  • paid partnership advertising of products & services relevant to my audience
  • UGC (user generated content) for instagram reels, blog content & TikTok
  • online workshops, presentations and courses/classes 

Previous clients include: Frameable Events, Circuit UK & Ireland, Creative Fabrica, Hello!Lucky, Fontself, Creative Fabrica, The Creative Spark Summit, Penguin Random House Publishing, & more

Collaboration Projects

Where my illustrations meet your brand and we take the feel-GOODness to a whole new level! 

Collaboration projects are my favourite kind of creative projects to work on because there are so many options to what this can look like - the possibilities are endless! Collaboration projects are not just about illustration and product design, but a package project that will be beneficial to both our audiences and can include, but are not limited to, exclusive illustrations/product designs, video & photos documenting the creative journey, giveaways and collaborative social media content.

Previous clients include: CASETiFY, Miss T Teachables, The Teaching Tools, Top Teacher

Events, Podcasts & more...

As I already mentioned, I wear many creative hats and with my background in teaching, I'm also experienced and confident with public speaking, leading workshops and presentations & having a feel GOOD chat about anything from creativity to self-care and mindfulness! 

So if all of the above creative goodness wasn't enough, you can also work with me or collaborate with me on:

  • online events, workshops, presentations and summits
  • podcast interviews 
  • guest blog posts
  • instagram takeovers

Previous clients include: The Creative Spark Summit, Hello!Lucky, Hello!Lucky Kids, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, The Business Proposal Podcast, Let's Talk About Mental Health & more

How to pitch your project in 3 simple steps!

Pitching your project is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - just follow the steps below to share your creative ideas with me & to start the process!

1. Have look through my portfolio at some of my previous projects to get an idea of my style & if you think it's the right fit for your project.

2. Use this form to 'pitch your project'; tell me about your ideas and why you are interested in working with me. If you're not sure what to include in your pitch, the following points can be helpful:

    • who you are and a bit about you and your brand or what you do
    • what your creative idea is and how you specifically see me being a part of it - is it an illustration project, a product collaboration or do you need a speaker for an event? Look through my creative 'menu' above if you're not sure!
    • do you have a deadline or budget for this project?
    • why do you think I'm the right creative person to help you with this

3. Once you're happy with your pitch, click send! Then get excited because it's on the way to my inbox and very soon I'll be reading it while sipping on a cup of tea before I hit reply and the magic begins!

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