Fill Up Your Cup Podcast Artwork & Branding

In summer 2022 I launched "Fill Up Your Cup" a self-improvement podcast focused on self-care and living a more authentic, joyful life. The launch of this podcast came shortly after I rebranded my website and personal branding so it was important to me that the branding and artwork of the podcast felt like an extension of the overall Laura Jane Illustrations brand identity while also having it's own identity. 

The brand elements and colours come from the Laura Jane Illustrations brand identity, but I chose to make the teal blue the primary colour to give the brand a fresh, light, uplifting and playful feel. The edition of handwriting fonts to the branding and podcast art allowed me to add my personality as the podcast host to the overall design and showcase that my identity & experiences would very much be ingrained into the show. 

Listen to Fill Up Your Cup & find out more about the show here.