Hygge inspired Self Care ideas for the cozy months

Unless you've been hiding under digital rock, you've probably heard the term 'hygge' mentioned here and there online in the past few years. The hygge trends comes from the Danish term 'hygge' (pronounced hue-guh) which while difficult to define is a word used to describe anything that is joyful, warm, cozy or happy.

Hygge as an online trend, tends to focus a lot on how we can make our homes and spaces more 'hygge' or cozy, but hygge is so much more than soft furnishings and warm lighting (although either when done right can be very hygge); hygge at it's essence, is about creating moments and shared experiences that feel good for you for for the ones you share them with, and there really is no better season to get your hygge on than the chilly autumn and winter months.

10 ideas on how to make your self-care more Hygge this season...

  1. Host a pot-luck dinner. Pick a theme (like winter warmers or festive favourites) and encourage everyone to bring their favourite dish to share.
  2. Make some mulled wine. Do some research online and find a recipe that sounds super delicious, then invite some friends round to share a hot cup of mulled wine and listen to some Christmas songs. Make it more hygge: make the mulled wine together, the slow process and delicious smell of the spices will make sharing the experience even more hygge.
  3. Try your hand at candle making. Candle making is a slow and sensory experience, a great way to spend a winter afternoon and a wonderful process for slowing down and relaxing. Extra bonus, you can gift your finished candles to friends and family to share the hygge.
  4. Create a hygge nook (or hyggekrog). Set up a cozy, comfortable spot in your home where you can retreat to for some cozy self care time; add some cushions and blankets, a soft lamp (maybe even one of your homemade candles) and have some of your favourite books or journal on hand for relaxation and reflection.
  5. Go for a winter hike. Wrap up in your warmest outdoor clothes and go for a long winter walk or hike. Make it more hygge: prepare a flask of hot chocolate to bring with you and stop along the way for a warm drink with a great view.
  6. Make a happiness jar: clean out an old jar (and decorate it if you wish), then fill it up with pieces of card, each which have a happiness action or uplifting quote on them. The next time you have a hard day, pull a piece of card from your happiness jar for a pop of positivity or a fun activity to do.
  7. Make a BIG batch of soup. Use up your leftover veggies, or head to the supermarket to get some fresh seasonal favourites and make a big batch of winter warmer soup. Make it more hygge: make some fresh bread to go with your soup - the whole house will smell amazing by dinner time!
  8. Host a scrapbooking afternoon. Invite some friends or family around, print off all your favourite snaps from the year and then spend a cozy, wholesome afternoon scrapbooking and reminiscing over fond memories.
  9. Have a quiet afternoon reading a book by the fire. Is there really any better way to relax and get cozy during the winter months than curled up by the fire with a good book? Don't have your own fire place? Light some candles, turn down the lights and curl up under your thickest, softest blankets instead.
  10. Host a boardgames night. Have some friends around (maybe make up another batch of mulled wine) and play some of your favourite childhood board games. Make it more hygge: make it a regular event for the winter months; every other weekend a different friend could host and choose the board game/theme.
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