7 Ways to reset before the New Year!

The end of the year brings with it a big mix of BIG emotions; joy, celebration, pride, exhaustion, optimism, worry, panic... during those lazy days between Christmas & New Years Eve I often find myself lost in reflection on the year just gone or overcome with inspiration to plan all the things I want to do in the year to come. 

Whether you're trying to let go of the feelings about this year or ready to step into something new, hitting reset before you jump into the new year can help you get clarity on your goals & feel more ready for what's coming next.

7 steps for a New Year reset

1: reset your space

Let's start with this easiest thing to reset - your physical space. Resetting your space could be as extreme as a deep clean and declutter of every room in your house or as simple as tidying and organising a space in your home that you spend a lot of time in. The goal is to enter any space you want to reset by asking yourself "what do I want to bring with me into next year?" - if there is anything in that space that you don't want coming with you as you ring in the New Year then dump or donate it. 

2: reset your mind

Grab your journal and give your thoughts a little reset; just like when you reset your physical space, ask your self what you want to bring with you into the new year. Make two lists: the first list is all the thoughts or attitudes that you want to let go of and leave behind and the second is the thoughts, attitudes and mindsets you want to embody more of in the new year. Cleanse yourself of that first list - rip it out of your journal and throw it away if it helps, and celebrate that second list by putting it somewhere you will see it regularly. 

3: reset your plans

Don't just set or reset goals, instead make or recreate plans. Sometimes when we set a goal it's so big and broad that we don't actually know how we could start to achieve it. By creating plans you can take those big goals and start to break them down and even think about what you will do each month or focus on each week to take those first steps towards those bigger plans. 

4: reset your relationships

Again, you need to ask yourself "what do I want to bring with me into the new year?"; are there relationships in your life that drain you more that they fill you up? Are there friendships that would be better left in this year or work relationships that need to be improved next year? Reflect on the people in your life that make the biggest impact on your mood, both positively and negatively, and think about what each of these relationships might need or which that are no longer worth your energy and time. 

5: reset your routines

We all have routines, whether we consider ourselves "organised" or not. Our routines are the framework to our day to day life - sometimes those routines work for us and sometimes they don't. Grab your journal again and write out a few versions of what your typical daily routines are; you might have different routines on different days, so write out as many as you can think of. Then reflect on which parts of these routines are working and which need changing up - how could you make them work for you more in the new year?

6: reset your dreams

Let this year be the year you give yourself permission to dream BIGGER. Get creative with this one - grab your journal and write out your big dreams for this year, the next five years and the next ten years. Don't limit yourself with rational thinking or worry about how you would or could make it happen; lean into what you want to happen and let yourself dream. You could also create some vision boards to capture these dreams, maybe a vision board for your dream home and another for your dream job - just have fun with it!

7: reset your inspiration

Do you have enough sources of inspiration in your life? Are the sources that once uplifted & motivated you still helping you light that fire? Resetting your inspiration could look like finding new people to follow online that make you feel good, inspire you or work in a field that you're interested in. You could also research new podcasts to listen to in the New Year or pick out a few new books to read. Look back at that list you wrote about the thoughts, mindsets and attitudes you want to embody, then find people out there that are already living that way and start learning from them. 

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