13 Movies to Cozy up to this Holiday Season!

With only a few weeks left until Christmas Day it's time to crack out the festive pyjamas, open a tin of biscuits (or a box of chocolates) and put your feet up to the most festive of festive films. 

With so many different streaming platforms at our finger tips now, choosing which movie to watch just isn't as easy anymore. Not to worry though, I've rounded up thirteen of my favourite festive films, plus some traditional bonus picks, to help get you in the festive mood!

13 movies to get you in that festive mood...

  1. The Family Stone - My personal favourite and first pick as soon as it's acceptable to turn on the Christmas movies (although I won't lie, I've watched this one in July). Sarah Jessica Parker plays Meredith, an uptight business woman who is meeting her boyfriends outgoing family for the first time at Christmas.
  2. The Santa Clause - This one is an ultimate Christmas classic. I mean, how can you not love Tim Allen as a reluctant Santa Claus trying to deal with child custody and judgemental colleagues.
  3. Love Actually - Love Actually was always one to get marked as a 'must watch' in the Christmas TV guide at home, and it remains a cheerful, upbeat Christmas classic that never fails to tug at the heart strings.
  4. Holidate - New in from Netflix, this one follows the story of two singletons who hate not having someone to bring to seasonal family events so strike up a deal to be each others holi-date.
  5. The Santa Clause 2 - Filmed eight years later, this second instalment of The Santa Clause follows Scott as he settles into his role as Santa and looks for a wife to fulfil his Christmas role.
  6. Deck the Halls - If you're looking for something to make you laugh, Deck the Halls is defiantly more quirky than most of your Christmas classics. Two neighbours showdown on who is the best at Christmas while completely ignoring their own families needs.
  7. Christmas with the Kranks - Tim Allen in a Christmas classic again, this one follows the story of the Kranks who decide to deal with their only daughter being away for Christmas by boycotting the holiday completely and booking a cruise instead.
  8. The Santa Clause 3 - I mean, if you've watched one and two, you have to complete the trilogy!
  9. Arthur Christmas - This Sony Animation original takes a new look at the tale of Santa Claus as a family business, passed down from Father to Son through the ages.
  10. The Polar Express - A Christmas movie with a magical train to the North Pole and Tom Hanks voicing more than one of the characters... yes it is pure magic.
  11. The Holiday - This movie has such a great cast and the on screen chemistry is just magical. Two single women decide that they want to house swap across continents to avoid being home for Christmas.
  12. Jack Frost - This one is an ultimate favourite from my childhood. After Charlie's father is killed in a car accident driving home on Christmas Eve he returns years later as a snowman to spend time with the son he never made time for when he was alive.
  13. Santa Claus: The Movie - Originally released in 1985, this Santa Claus origin story follows one elf who travels to New York to better understand how to keep up with the changing times and children's modern interests.

Bonus Picks...

Not technically Christmas movies, but are always on TV at this time of the year so still feel festive.

  1. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
  2. Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone (+ the rest of the series)
  3. Frozen
  4. A Toy Story
  5. Cool Runnings

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